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Tuesday, April 7 |

by Hunter Melton,

The Church at Avenue South

"Following Jesus Is Worth It All"

Mark 14:3-9

Can you imagine a whole year of your salary being poured out onto the floor? Can you imagine the most precious item you have ever possessed being given away? Sounds crazy, right? In reality, though, if Jesus was with you, standing right in front of you, would those things actually be enough? What would you be willing to give for the One who gave Himself for you?

In Mark 14:3-9, a woman was in this exact situation. Jesus was entering His final days on earth, and He stopped in a home to eat and be with His disciples. While they were there, a woman stormed into the house with the force of praise and worship to Christ. However, she not only praised Him with words—she praised Him with a sacrifice. Taking a bottle of costly perfume, she opened it and poured it over Jesus’ head.

People there mocked and questioned her action. That bottle could have been sold for a whole year’s worth of money! However, the woman knew what she was doing. This was a year’s worth of labor and sacrifice being poured on the head of the soon-to-be slain Lamb of God. This was her act of praise to the Lord!

This woman is an example of what it means to be wholly committed to Christ, not just in word but also in action. Too many times our words of praise in a church setting do not match up with our actions outside it. This woman understood that true praise could often speak louder when there are no words. She understood the preciousness of Jesus, and she saw even her most valuable possession as simply a tool to praise God.

Interestingly, her radical worship led to ridicule even from those who knew Jesus and followed Him. Isn’t it ironic that whenever we do something radical for Jesus, there can be ridicule from other Christians? However, the soon-to-be death-conquering King knew what she had done. Jesus affirmed her sacrifice by giving her a place in God’s Word.

Friends, hold nothing back from Jesus today. He is worth our entire life being offered as a sacrifice of praise. This woman’s actions were beautiful, but it wasn’t the perfume itself that was praiseworthy. Rather, it was her heart for Christ—a heart that moved her to action. Christ doesn’t want our earthly things if He can’t have our whole hearts devoted to Him. Give Jesus your whole life in praise today and forever.


  1. What are the earthly things in your life right now that you would not give to Jesus? Why do they have such a hold on you?
  2. How would your life look different today if you gave Jesus total control of it?


Lord, may I be lavish in my devotion toward You, holding all I have with an open hand in surrender to You. Your worth is far above any earthly treasure or value. Take my heart and use it for Your purposes.

Family Activity:

Items Needed:

  • funnel
  • large clear jar (a mason jar should work well)
  • plastic mini bottles
  • scissors
  • fragrant herbs/flowers
  • oranges, grapefruits, lemons
  • food coloring
  • water
  • glitter
  • droppers

Cut the fragrant herbs or tear them off the stems. You will want to smash the flowers in your hands to help to release their scent. Let your child decide which fruits will be used. Take small bits of the fruits and place them in the bottom of the large clear jar. Fill the jar about three-fourths full with clear water. After that, have your kids add some of the liquid colors with their droppers. You can also add glitter for an extra pop! Once everything is added, close the jar and allow the ingredients to fuse for around 30 minutes, shaking every so often. Then, use the funnel to divvy up the ingredients between different bottles so everyone can enjoy the new perfume!

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