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Friday, April 10 |

by Susan Foster,

The Church at Harpeth Heights

"The Storm"

Luke 22:63-71; Luke 23:1-49

One of my favorite places to get away from the world and be still before Jesus is the sunroom on the back of our house. I enjoy curling up in a big comfy chair, sipping my coffee, looking at the towering trees and landscape, and listening to the morning songbirds.

One spring morning, I woke to an early morning storm and had a disappointing realization—sitting in my favorite place wouldn’t be the same that morning. “How sad that it is raining,” I thought, “and the birds will not be singing.” As I walked through the kitchen to get my coffee and then meandered toward the door to the sunroom, I found my thoughts wandering to questions of what those songbirds do during storms.

I turned the knob, and as the door opened, an overwhelming melody filled the air. Those songbirds were actually singing in the storm, and the storm was magnifying the volume of their song! As I settled in to enjoy their concert, I drew my weathered Bible close and opened it to my reading passage for the day: Luke 22 and 23.

In these passages, Jesus is walking through His last days. He is walking in circumstances we would all consider difficult. People are questioning who He is. They’re insulting, mocking, humiliating, and torturing Him. Yet, despite going through what any of us would consider a horrible storm, Jesus walked with concern for others, hope for the future, and trust in His Father.

On His way to His crucifixion, He turned to the weeping women and encouraged them to not cry for Him, but for the generations to come (Luke 23:28). He petitioned His Father to forgive those who were brutally abusing Him (Luke 23:34). He told one of the criminals beside Him, “Today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43). Then, with His final breaths, He entrusted His spirit into God’s hands (Luke 23:46).

What an example for us to live by during seasons of storms and trials! Even when circumstances are rough and difficult, we can still walk with love for others, hope for the future, and trust in Jesus. Like the songbirds, we never have to stop singing our praises to Jesus. As we walk through the storms of life, our songs can testify to the glory of God and to the peace and trust we have because of Him.


  1. Think about the times you have entrusted everything to God. Are there areas you still need to work on giving to Him?
  2. What are ways you can serve others? Is loving your neighbor part of your weekly rhythm?
  3. Do you see and feel God’s presence in your life? Make a list of “storms” that have passed and ways God has provided. Rejoice and thank Him for always being near.


Lord, when I go through the storms of life, help me remember that You have weathered betrayal, horrific suffering, crucifixion, and death. Thank You for Your sacrificial love. May I receive that love and spread it to those around me.

Family Activity:

Take a walk together as a family. Encourage your children to be very quiet for one minute, listening for all the sounds they can hear. Then as you continue to walk, talk about the sounds you have heard. Point out that God made the birds. See if they can find other things He made—the grass, the flowers, the leaves. Remind your family that God made everything in creation, including them. He loves them and created them for a purpose. End your walk with a prayer, thanking God for loving us and for all He has made.

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