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Sunday, April 12 |

by Sally Cressman,

The Church at Lockeland Springs

"Resurrection Day"

Luke 24:1-12

When Mary and the women came to the tomb with burial spices, they certainly did not expect an open grave, an angel visitation, or an empty tomb. They were totally surprised to hear the angels announce, “He is not here, but He has risen!”

The angels reminded the women that Jesus had spoken of this future event. Even though the women remembered Jesus saying He would be buried and raised on the third day, uncertainty still clouded their thoughts.

They raced to the disciples and told them all they had seen and heard. The disciples thought it was nonsense, but the words and image tumbled around in Peter’s mind. He too wanted to witness this empty tomb. After seeing only linen cloths, Peter walked away amazed—but doubt still remained.

A dead body raised from the dead? Didn’t Jesus say He would rise again in three days? Could the impossible become possible?

The disciples’ and women’s finite minds had yet to catch up with their infinite God. Many prophets had foretold that Jesus would rise from the dead (Psalm 16:11, Isaiah 53), but the reality of the resurrection was still extremely hard to fathom.

Gratefully, our struggle to believe does not diminish the “once and for all” sacrifice offered on our behalf. The truth of the resurrection does not fluctuate with our wavering faith; rather, it relies on the solid proof of Jesus’ death and resurrection recorded in God’s Word. Our limited minds don’t need to comprehend the full magnitude of Jesus’ resurrection for it to be credible.

What happened to the burial spices Mary and the women had brought to the tomb? Luke doesn’t mention them again—because they weren’t needed. A resurrection had taken place! Wavering faith blossomed into belief that resurrection morning.

The tomb is empty, my friend. Offer your wavering faith to God this morning—believe and live.


  1. What do you believe about the resurrection? What appears to be nonsense to you?
  2. How do you identify with the women’s and disciples’ wavering faith?
  3. “Stoop down and look” into the empty tomb. What other proof do you need to believe?
  4. What difference does the resurrection make in your life?


Lord, thank You that Your resurrection is a reminder of your power over sin and death. You offer hope beyond the grave! Help me to live a life inspired by a kingdom that will not end. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Family Activity:

Items Needed: children’s Bible & sidewalk chalk
Read the Easter story from a children’s Bible. Choose 3-5 scenes from the story (i.e. the cross, tomb, stone rolled away, empty tomb, or Jesus talking to Mary). Allow each family member to pick the scene he or she wants to draw. Guide your children to draw the scenes in order with chalk on the sidewalk (if it’s raining, draw in the garage or go inside and draw on paper.) Write at the end of your story, “Jesus is alive!” After each family member has finished their masterpiece, invite your child to tell the Easter story using your drawings. Encourage your child to invite a neighbor over and share the Easter story again.


Click here to watch this video for a summary of the gospel of Luke, with a focus on the resurrection of Christ.

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